Securing premises

Global Safety & Consulting supports companies in identifying the risks and threats to its business. A vulnerability audit is performed prior to implement a solution that meets the requirements of your site and specificities of your business.


A company with a high level of safety is audited. The test day, auditors realize that an exit door was held open by a fire extinguisher to allow passage of smokers. Behind a simple ashtray. Despite a badged and secure access, the negligence of employees has created an intrusion flaw in the company, leaving the door open to the outside.

If it is obvious that one does not let anyone at home, it is more difficult to implement the same policy in the workplace. Global Safety & Consulting performed a risk analysis and design a customized solution to protect your premises and your staff.


  • Vulnerability audit
  • Detection systems and video surveillance
  • Access control of humans and vehicles
  • Mechanical premise security (barriers, deterrent lighting …)
  • Human surveillance


A company producing flexible plastic makes visit its premises to future Chinese customers. The person in charge of the visit noted strange behavior on the one of visitors. He told his security officer who traces the information. Later, customs search that visitor to strange behavior. They discover in his suitcase shoes vacuum sucking the molecules to the ground and tie soaked product developed by the company.

Anyone outside the company may be an actor or maliciously target. Special care is needed to this type of situation, such as hosting of temporary staff (interim missions, CDD) or business visits (future partners, customers …).

Global Safety & Consulting devises some technical specifications to these situations, indicating the rules and attitudes to adopt that only the information strictly necessary disclosed.


  • Defining access areas and restrictions
  • Watch External stakeholders upstream and downstream of their business by passing
  • Securing hardware
  • Staff awareness of information and data communication


A company leader in the sale of glasses on the web creates its customer service. A competitor, seeing lost market share, produce glasses made in China. He orders then 200 pairs of glasses at the company leader, exchange lenses on frames and then returns the 200 pairs to the customer service alleging improper correction glasses. An employee of the service, in on it, retrieves packages and stores them in a corner of the warehouse. Later on denunciation, customs check the leader company and target these returned cartons. They discover counterfeiting. The company could have severe damage if a long and careful investigation had not been conducted to exonerate them.

Protecting the business also involves the management of the goods out of premises. Aware of the providers, the borrowed circuit and the final destination, with all the risks associated to the release of products, are all variables that Global Safety & Consulting supports to ensure the best protection.


  • Watch providers
  • Filtering incoming deliveries in the company
  • Securing receiving and storage areas
  • Accompaniment by our agents during transport deemed risky
  • Watch risks related to route taken and the destination
  • Monitoring 24/7 through our communication systems