Reputation management

A company sends an employee enter into a contract with a German client. After the appointment, the German Google him, find him on “Copain d’avant”, and from link to link, found a photo of shirtless employee with an SS tattoo, cutting shortly trade relations.

A product might be perfect, but if a bad image associated with it, you can be assured it will not sell. Today when a company sells a product or service, it should sell a dream, an aspiration, a trust relationship established with the customer. It is the same for the company’s brand image. It is thus important not to lose control of its communication to the risk of losing the confidence of its customers and partners.

Global Safety & Consulting has set up an reputation intelligence team of experts to advise you on exactly how your product/service and your company are perceived by your customers and prospects.


  • Staff awareness: evaluation of information required in the professional sphere and mostly personal
  • Awareness of the use of social networks and the risks associated with mismanagement
  • Watch over the company’s brand or product image
  • Watch on the image of competitors
  • Reputation intelligence on social networks