Market intelligence

A cup-producing undertaking is implanted in an industrial area. Its activity works fine. A few months later, the leader realizes that activity is slowing in some unexplained way. It turned out that a company was located a few meters from his home, with a similar name and offering an identical product, which were recovered by customer theft.

In a context of global hyper-competition and innovation race, the company must be in constant listening to its market. She probes its smallest changes and tries to anticipate its evolution. For that it must set up a market intelligence before allowing it to collect the information necessary for a reliable decision-making.

Information has become a pillar of the development of a business. Because it is difficult for a boss to manage both the evolution of its business and that of its competitors, Global Safety and Consulting assists you in setting up a monitoring system (detection of threats, opportunities and solutions). Our experts provide you recurrently throughout evolution, action likely to alter the game in your social environment to be able to adapt and anticipate changes in the market and increase the responsiveness of your business.


  • Development of a monitoring plan
  • Sourcing
  • Information gathering
  • Processing, analysis and exploitation of information
  • Dissemination of strategic information


  • Market intelligence: threats and opportunities, growth drivers …
  • Watch of key accounts: customers, suppliers, partners, prospects, key accounts
  • Financial Watch: potential hazards (defaulters), motion competitors (mergers, acquisitions …), financial health of the market and its environment
  • Regulatory monitoring