Trade relations

A company in full development cannot obtain credit from banks. She meets investors very interested in their project who see the potential of an emerging market. They come in the company, offering financing, partnership. After a year, investors decide to stop funding the pretext that the development of the project does not move fast enough. The company then realizes that investors had regained their project.

The development of a business and the sustainability of its business necessarily pass through building relationships with various business partners, service providers, investors for fundraisers … These relationships may nevertheless have serious consequences if they are not established with vigilance and the necessary rigor.

Global Safety & Consulting implements a thorough watch on main suppliers, distributors, customers and investors to guarantee the soundness and solvency of each contract you establish.


  • Check the origin of the company, its activities and its partners
  • Control of the solvency of the company
  • Watch on society reputation and its leaders
  • Watch on business practices