Business trip

When we wish to protect our business, we often think only of securing premises. Yet the first flaw is human. Global Safety & Consulting assists you in securing your personal movements in France or abroad.

Daily (the commuting to the workplace) or exceptional (participation in exhibitions or traveling abroad), your employees must be safe and have appropriate behavior.


A commercial planes from China. During his stopover in Israel, he is blocked at customs for 3 hours, his business requisitioned and searched, including his laptop. Bribed, Customs took the opportunity to retrieve all the key company information for resale to competitors.

Business development requires addressing new markets internationally. As part of expatriation or business trips, your employees may be exposed to health, political or terrorist risks. You have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of your employees abroad. In addition, it is to protect sensitive and crucial data of your company in an unknown environment and bearing the risk of theft, recordings information, kidnapping …

Global Safety & Consulting supports you in this process and sets up appropriate procedures for each identified risk.


  • Analysis and awareness of the country’s geopolitical situation
  • Analysis and awareness of traditions and customs of the country
  • Organization and securing stay
  • Home upon arrival in the host country
  • Accompaniment and security of travel
  • 24/7 communication system