Villa surveillance

The villa surveillance is the basis of our society. With experience since 2008 on Monaco and the French Riviera, Global Safety & Consulting offers exclusive services adapted to your needs:

  • Safety patrol
  • Personalized patrol
  • Accompanying patrol

Surveillance, protection, prevention, deterrence, response, reporting to the customer, are the main functions of the private security agent.

To do this, Global Safety & Consulting implements a personalised monitoring patrol, and all the technical and human means necessary to protect yourself against accidental (fire, health …) and intentional (malicious, damage …) risks.

Global Safety & Consulting provides security for:

  • private home, villa, co-ownership
  • Hotel, public building
  • Yard, warehouse, factory, office
  • industrial complex area
  • Exhibition, event

All private security agents of Global Safety & Consulting are highly competent professionals who have received education and specific training for careers in private security.