Wishes 2018 from President of Global Safety

The year we have just completed, was the one that we have shown to everybody, our brand, our quality of work and our professionalism.

Our agents came from Gokturk 1 mission after two years in Turkey, supervising the putting into orbit a satellite. A successful mission that has conveinced Thales Alenia Space managers to send us to the famous launch site of Cape Canaveral, to secure the launch of another satellite.

New contracts have been signed, numerous permanent employments and above all, I’m proud that we have been certified ISO 9001 for our safety activities. A year to restructure the company and to maximise our process in order to best meet our requirement level and our curtomer satisfaction. This work has produced results which allow us now to be known as one of the rare private security company which can guarantee our quality management system in the area.

We start now a new year. New French and international missions appear, and new projects are about to hatch but I will tell you more in the coming months. 2018 will be the year of the expansion and sustainability of th company!

So I would like to thank all the agents of Global Safety who help us to be where we are now. We have succeed to form confidence, serious and professional teams. They are from now our strength and pride. I also thank my administrative team, they hold the direction that I show them. Finally I thank our customers for the confidence they give us.

But don’t forget the principal in the beginning of the year… I wish to all, customers, employees, partners, friends, a beautifull and happy new year 2018, and I give you my best wishes of success in your new projects.


Eric Rolin, President of Global Safety