Robbery: 7 advises to discourage the burglars

1. Reinforce your front door

Focus first on the front door, which is in 54% of cases taken by the burglars to enter into the house. If you can’t afford a steel door (around 3 000 euros), at least opt for a multi-point lock which have A2P certification (Insurance, Prevention, Protection) and can’t be broken by a simple crowbar.

This may discourage an hurry burglar. It’s approximately 150 euros but it better to have it posed by a professional locksmith. This investment shoul be considered when you move into a new flat. You don’t always know who were the previous owners/renters and they maybe lend the keys to malicious people. At last, you can add a metal plate behing the door to reinforce it a little more.

2. The windows too

It’s weel-known “chase him out, he will get in through the window”. To avoid that, there is antiburglary glass (between 200 and 400 euros m²) and you can also add a lock on your flap. Another good advise: reduce as much as possible the glass doors, some of them can be forced a mere second.

3. Put a light with presence detection

If you live in a house, the installation of a lighting at the entrance which goes on when there is movement can discourage a less confident burglar. To be on a spotlight, to the views of neighboors and bystanders, while breaking a glass or forcing a door… that can demotivate more than one. The advantage is the cost which is relatively cheap: 60 euros, within facilities.

4. Choose an alarm

If the burglar was able to get into your house despite the sticker showing the presence of an alarm and the secure openings, you still have the opportunity to put him on the run thanks to an alarm. According to the models, they detect the breaking glass, forced doors or simply the suspicious movements inside the home. The top prices start around 350€ with two doors/windows sensor and infrared detectors.

5. Make it look like you are at home

Buy a plug on which you can program to launch the lighting of one or two spots of light during certain hours of the day (in the evenig from 7pm to 10pm and eventually one hour earlier in the morning in winter). Similarly, more and more last generation TVs have on/off programm. So you can use them even if it not very ecological. You can also ask a neighbor to pass time to time into your house (he can even take the advantage to water plants!) and to remove the post from the letter-box, a clue often too visible.

6. Warm the police and the gendarmerie

During the summer holidays, the security forces set up the sting “peaceful holidays”. You just have to go to your closest police or gendarmerie station, to be registred on a closest list. Thus the monitoring teams will incorporate your adress on their route. “When you are away, security patrols will be done by day or night, on weekdays as well as weekends, in order to discourage everyone to try to burgle your house”, promises the Prime Minister.

7. Don’t bluster too much on social networks

“Move it, going to Spain. See you in a fortnight’s time!”, “In the starting blocks at CDG airport, New York here I am!” and others checks-in Berlin, Rome or Lisbonne… You think you are “among friends”? Not to mention malicious people, friends of friends, the accounts not so private as we thought,etc. the worst is to mention it on Twitter. Such burglars research specific keywords to identify the happy vacationers who will have an unpleasant surprise upon return.